Welcome to Backlist!

Welcome to Backlist! A publisher’s backlist contains the books that never go out of print. Ours is a place for collections of books that historians might put on their own backlists—or sort into piles their desks and dining room tables. These are the books historians return to again and again, the books they recommend and assign, the books that model what it means to join active conversations about the past, or to ask a new question. We want Backlist to be like a favorite professor’s office: filled to overflowing with stacks and piles sorted according to how they think about a particular region, theme, or question. And we invite you to look around!

We’re launching Backlist with five expertly curated reading lists on themes ranging from the history of U.S.-Cuba relations to histories explored in graphic form. We hope you’ll find a book (or several!) that pique your interest.

Be sure to check back frequently; new lists are appearing all the time here at Backlist.

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